Message from Founder

It would be a nice story to say that Institute of Networks & Security - IONS started from great entrepreneurial vision, but that just not so. Instead, IONS have established from the need to solve real world problems.

My first experience in information technology started when I was 20 years old, working as an IT Trainee in famous law firm. During my job timings I started to search most career-oriented IT certifications and I found some training institute in Karachi and I took admission for my career growth.

But after I taken admission I’m just looking for good and expert trainer in his/her field but I didn’t find also I’m looking for some hands-on experience training to enhance my skills on real equipment but I didn’t get a chance and I switched my field to software development and I found same situation on that side as well and I switched back to my networking studies.

Finally, after wasting my money and time I realize educational institutes are just making money from needy people and I started leaning myself and after so many years effort and hardworking I got polished in my networks and security field.

From above experiences I learned to appreciate pride in hard work, how important it is to get things right the time first. After my first job changed, I started learning Cisco ICND1 myself then I heard about Cisco CCNA course then I moved to studied further on my path.

Nevertheless, after so many efforts now I’m officially Cisco Authorized Instructor and I can teach cisco courses anywhere in the globe but I wants Pakistani engineers to move to the right path and not bother for their career as I struggled so much to reached to my destination.

At this point, I have been teaching networks and security in a very beginner to advanced level to train peoples to the right career path. For me, this is just a passion to help others in term of technical training.

Who We Are

Institute of Networks & Security - IONS is the provider of technical training for the IT industry. We believe on delivering latest technologies training to students and IT professional for developing their skills in the domain of networks & security.

Our training programs are designed to help individuals in acquiring industry certifications in a global context to make them experts.

What We Do

IONS provide customized one to one training session, corporate session, classroom training and online training to deliver excellent quality content.

With multiple short courses in IT from foundational to professional certifications our core IT training services are focused on technological partners which are Cisco, Microsoft, Fortinet, PeopleCert (ITIL) and PaloAlto.

Starts Your Learning Career

Whether You Realize It OR Not, Skills Are The Key Limiter To Your Success.

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Meet Our Team

meet experts behind IONS academy

Shehroz Arif

Shehroz Arif

Network & Security Trainer

Raheel Iqbal

Raheel Iqbal

Python Trainer

Syed Hammad Ali

Syed Hammad Ali

Palo Alto Trainer

Saud Ali

Saud Ali

Cisco Trainer

Arslan Ali

Arslan Ali

Cisco Trainer

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